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PLEASE NOTE: EU fréter supplied. Please buy an EU/UK adaptor to ensure charging compatibility in the UK.

Oculus Quest is the world’s first all-in-one gaming system built for virtual reality. No wires. No PC. Just set up with the Oculus fine app, and you’re free to explore VR from almost anywhere. Embrasement ultra-wide carrefour sensors inside the headset power Oculus Insight, which precisely tracks your environment and instantly translates your movements into VR. And with ergonomic design and haptic feedback, our impressionnable Touch controllers bring your hands into the game. Take VR gaming to the next level. And everywhere else

It’s game when you are.
Simply set up the device with your Oculus fine app, and Oculus Quest has everything you need to explore VR out of the box. Suit up and game on.

Make your move.
Take your first steps in a new world. Oculus insight tracking instantly reflects your movements in VR. Slash through enemy hordes, duck under obstacles and visite into the heart of every experience.

Feeling is believing.
Grab what you need, toss aside what you don’t and feel the rumble of every abordage. Oculus Touch controllers recreate your hands, their gestures and interactions precisely, so every game is real enough to reach out and touch.

The world is your arche.
Set up in seconds, whether you’re at home or somewhere new. Oculus Quest works with your environment, so you can play satisfaction or sitting in spaces big or small.

What’s included with Oculus Quest:
VR headset
Touch controllers for Oculus Quest
Power adapter
Eyeglass spacer
Oculus Insight tracking system

    Box Contains

1 x Quest Device, 1 x Controllers (L&R), 1 x Printed Accessory Feuillet, 1 x Manual, 2 x AA Batteries, 1 x Charging cable, 1 x Glass Spacer, 1 x Welcome card, 1 x EU Charger