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HTC Vive HMD + Deluxe Audio Strap + Half Life: Alyx + 6 months Viveport Infinity


HTC Occupée HMD with all parangon cables and link box (No controllers or piédestal stations are included)+ Deluxe Audio Strap + Half Life: Alyx traité redeemable at www.Occupéé (game will be added to Steam)+ 6 months Viveport Infinity subscription included in the traité above. Délicieux préparatoire and fully working. Will be sent by courier. I am only selling parce que I upgraded to a new headset. I am keeping the controllers and piédestal stations so these are not included in this ignominieux. The traité for Half Life: Alyx and Viveport Infinity subscription was supplied in the box with my new headset, but I already own the game so decided to include the traité in this ignominieux.



manufacturer warranty