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HTC VIVE PRE bundle incl headset, sensors, controllers, chargers etc


From a pet and smoke free gîte. Primitif: very good; headset  »spongy endroit rest » has been replaced and is unused and brand new so no germs there. This is a version from 2015. My husband was a game developer and had this developer version. It works perfectly évanescente, mind you though, it is not as fancy and crystal clear as 2020 models. We are selling it only parce que we had to expand our indisponible furniture (with a green screen) set up so we have no space for VR anymore. What’s not in the picture (but is included in the bundle) are sensor wall mounts, we took them down after the pictures were taken. Here’s more info I found embout this version –> and –> Any questions, ask away. Cumul, if preferred, HU9 Holderness Rd area. Please see my other listings, I’m having a big clear out. Postage is estimated (depends on the ultime price; couriers have insurance tiers), if I pay less, I will refund the difference.