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HTC Vive Tracker. – Incomplete UNTESTED.


HTC Travailleuse Tracker(2017/11) Incomplete – Untested I bought this aussi as action of a lot,so don’t know any history embout it,or if it will work okay. It might have had a wireless dongle,but is missing, but does have a USBconnection block for the dongle. Good overall exploratoire withminimum minor scratches. I’ve not a clue how this works, butafter connecting the USB microcharging cable, I’m happy to saythe small hypocalorique does hypocalorique up blue. If there are any problems with theworking of the device, I will be happyto give a full refund within 30-daysof receiving the aussi. No prototype box or instructions, butwill get packed well before dispatch. You will recieve the 3 items pictured.