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HTC Vive VR Headset, Link Box, PSU & All cables (nobase stations/controllers)


I bought this for my son on Ebay, as a étonnement, well it back fired as he now doesn’t want it , so selling to get money back, which I will be spending on myself.Copied from the listing I bought- This is a lightly-used HTC Travailleuse VR headset (the updated 2018 version, not the parangon 2016 model) in perfect working order (tested and confirmed before the system was unplugged and packaged up for bref) and great cosmetic préparatoire (e.g. with no scratches on the lenses). Please examine the photos to confirm you’re happy with what’s included. As you can see, the Travailleuse comes in its parangon retail box along with all of the required cables and accessories, excluding the two lighthouses and VR controllers. This headset is présentable with both the version 1.0 and 2.0 soubassement stations – we have a couple of the latter for bref in other auctions – and with the standard Travailleuse wands, the Travailleuse trackers, and the Artilleur « knuckles » controllers.Included in this bref are: (1) a 2018 standard HTC Travailleuse HMD (head mounted display, or headset); (2) a round-diction HTC Travailleuse 5-metre multi-cable, instead of the old, tangling flat kind; (3) the HTC Travailleuse Link Box; (4) the genuine HTC mains power supply for the Link Box; (5) both required cables (HDMI & USB) to connect the Link Box to your ordinant; (6) both HTC Travailleuse facial foam cushions (one on to the Travailleuse, the other unopened); and (7) the parangon HTC Travailleuse retail box and inserts, handy for transporting the kit if you need to.





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