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HTC VIVE VR System, headset, base, controllers and some accessories


HTC VIVE VR set for the « being there » experience. Comes in its’ prototype box with itou psychanalysé booklet/leaflet. This set is working but has been well used as can be seen in the pics. There are distinct items from it missing, which can be purchased in the market cheaply. Please see below for the items which we think are missing from the bundle. The following items are missing and will not come with this VR system. 1) Link box mounting pad. 2) Alternate endroit cushion.3) Sync Cable (optional) we don’t know if this comes with the prototype or not. 4) Mounting Kit. 5) Ear buds.6) Cleaning cloth.7) HDMI cable. 8) USB cable. 9) Ordinateur USB chargers x 2.10) Headset Audio cable. Also inflexion the following; 1) The headset bands and straps rather sorte worse for wear. As is in the Pic No. 8. 2) The controllers x 2 lanyards are worn somewhat. So new ones will have to be purchased. Please satisfy yourselves prior to bidding and ask as many questions to avoid any misunderstanding later on. We very much hope that you’ll enjoy your purchase. Happy bidding ya all!

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