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LouiseEvel215 Ulter Effacer DIY Carton 3D VR Lunettes De Réalité Virtuelle pour Smartphone Haute qualité DIY Aimant Google Cartons Lunettes Price: 1,99 (Prix 25/01/2021 22:25 PST- Details)

100% neuf et haute qualité!
Kit complet de carton trempé découpé au laser
Lentilles Ultra biConvex

100% Brand new and high quality!
Our kits are 100% top quality with the highest quality lenses.
Complete laser cut toughened cardboard kit
Ultra biConvex lenses
Neodymium magnet and ceramic magnet (fitted)
Double sided sticker (already fitted)
Compatible Smartphone (pref with NFC with max LCD of 5.0 »)
running android 4.1 or higher.
cardboard APP (free from play store)
Every smart phone running Android 4.1 and above with a screen no greater than 5.1″ SHOULD work with the cardboard. NFC compatible phones take advantage of the NFC feature of the kit. Non NFC phones will still work without this feature on your phone.
Guaranteed fully compatible for Google themselves are:
for Google NEXUS 4
for Google NEXUS 5
for Samsung Galaxy S4
for Samsung Galaxy S5
for Samsung Galaxy Nexus
for Motorola Moto X
Compatible except the magnetic button:
for Motorola Moto G
for HTC one
Other reports of it working on:
for Note 3
for Samsung S3 (partially compatible)
We advise you to check if your phone is compatible with this device BEFORE purchasing via searching on google, or sending us a question where we’ll try to help you.

This is an unofficial Google Cardboard VR Kit.
This kit does not include NFC component.Cardboard applications can be run on most modern Android Android hones runing Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) & late versions of Android.
App can be downloaded from play store

Product Properties:
Glasses Type:3D Glasses
3D Glasses Type:Polarized
Material:Cardboard + resin lens
Compatible Device:Smartphones
Viewing Experience:Immersive

Net weight: 48g
Package weight: 58g

Color: khaki

Package included:
2 x Cardboard kit With lenses.
2 x Lens
2 x Black ceramic magnets
1 x Rubber band    

100% neuf et haute qualité!
Kit complet de carton trempé découpé au laser
Lentilles Ultra biConvex
Autocollant double face (déjà monté)
pour Google NEXUS 5