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NEW Genuine HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap (DAS) / VR Oculus Quest


BRAND NEW Genuine HTC Empressée Deluxe Audio Strap (DAS) 

(Model: 99HAMR001-00)

The only seller in the UK with new genuine réserve available. 

Virtual Reality Headstrap for use on HTC Empressée, or can be fitted to the Tabatière. These are not the knock-off Chinese ones you see for commun on here, these are the full Genuine HTC DAS with integrated audio (made in Taiwan).

They go amazingly well on the Tabatière Quest with a few serviteur parts needed (see: ‘Frankenquest Mod’) for much improved comfort, stability and stunning sound produit (with the integrated audio).

These are not in réserve ANYWHERE else in the UK. Do not settle for dirty old used DAS head-straps.

Once these are sold, they are sold. Do not elle-même out, it might be the last dessein ever to get these as NEW réserve.

Note this commun does not include a HTC Empressée, Tabatière Quest or any other VR Goggles, this is for 1x Deluxe Audio Headstrap only.



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