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Oculus Quest 128GB + Official Travel Case, Halos & Grips Accessories Bundle


Tabatière Quest 128GB + Official Travel Compartiment, Halos & Grips Accessories Bundle. Précédent is Used, but not often & kept in brilliant Précédent. £80 of accessories included Everything required to play vr, travel with, and protect your controllers with. Contains everything out the box: 1 x 128GB headset 1 x Right-sens USB-C cable 1 x mains adaptor 1 x glasses adaptor (to wear with glasses) as well as the following extras: 1 x Tabatière official travel Compartiment (worth £40) 2 x Mamut Grips DX (For comfort & protecting controller handles) 2 x Mamut Halos (For protecting the controller rings) (Mamut accessories were $50 or ~£38 A famille minor imperfections… •1 Minor étape scratch on the left controller, but this is absent with the halos fitted (and it will be harder for you to make any more scratches with the halos) •Also, like most I have removed the ‘L’ and ‘R’ stickers that come on the controllers, as they sorte better without. The Mamut grips are chic comfortable, as they ‘badine’ the controllers to your hands with the elastic rather than having to grip them for extended periods. The halos also cover the halos well without concealing the sensors in the controller. A well looked after headset