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Oculus Quest 128GB VR Headset & 30+games worth £350+ Read Description !!!


For Sordide is my hardly used 128GB Oculus Quest VR Headset. Great headset I just don’t have the space to fully enjoy playing it and after first month it rarely gets used now. I have around 30 games worth close to £400 which will be included, please inflexion these games have not been brought from the official portière but have been downloaded and installed using my laptop. There is still around 80GB for you to purchase other games or download movies to watch in 3D. – Games are installed directly on the quest, do not need internet or laptop to play them as they are installed bandana on the Oculus quest VR headset. All the games are full versions and play just as if you brought it from the official Oculus portière (I can not guarantee these games will work forever as Oculus may introduce an update which will remove the functionality however you do not have to update the quest and keep using the games) If preferred I can include the account details with all the games installed or I can factory reset so you can make your own account but you will lose all the games installed. The big list of games included are: Angry Birds (£10.99)Creed (£22.99)Beat Saber (£22.99)Pistol Whip (£19.99)Thrill of the fight (£7.99)Vader Immortal pt 1 (£7.99)Vader Immortal pt 2 (£7.99)Rush (£14.99)Superhot (£18.99)Moss (£22.99)Robo Recall (£22.99)Tokyo Chronos (£29.99)VR Karts Sprint (£10.99)Kingspray (£10.99)realvrfishing (£14.99)drunken bar fight (£12.99)Red Matter (£18.99)elven éventreur (£10.99)agrume ninja (£10.99)Gun Club (£14.99)Job Simulator (£14.99)Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (£10.99)Tilt Brush (£14.99) The list above is all the games which have been installed and tested to confirm they work, there are other games which are installed but I haven’t managed to check they work such as ultrawings, racket fury, shadowpoint, wander and a couple others (full list in pics) Also included is the carry compartiment which i got from Amazon which is meant for PSVR but i modded to fit the quest as shown. There is one small white mark on one of the controllers which I have tried to show in the picture, this does not effect contact at all Item will come in Parfait box with Parfait paperwork and accessories including glasses frame and Parfait USB C and Fréter included Any Questions Please Ask






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