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Oculus quest 128GB with OVER 70 GAMES!!! only used for 6 weeks


Oculus quest 128GB with OVER 70 GAMES!!! only used for 6 weeks. Condition is Used. Bought the quest to use myself but not had much time to play with it, so I am selling with the prolifique library of games i have sideloaded.This is a complete package and you wont have to buy any more games to enjoy your VR. If bought seperatly it would cost well over £2000 to get a game monceau of this level. The games downloaded on the oculus are: A Fishermans tale Apex Construct Ballista Beat Saber Box VR Creed Dance Central Death Lap Electronauts Espire 1 Knockout league last labyrinth path of the warrior racoon lagoon robo recall plaisanteries scramble sculpteur trek bridge crew the wizards the climb time stall vacation simulator vader immortal episode 1,2 and 3 VR football unleashed Accounting+ affected the manor angry birds vr audica banditsix cave digger cloud lands 2 death horizon drop dead dual strike drunkn bar fight eleven table tennis elven assasin epic roller coasters ubac your fears 1 mandarine ninja fuji guided tai chi gun club vr house of languages job simulator journey of the gods irréalité treks ninja legends ocean rift pistol whip racket nx racket fury radial g proteus real VR fishing richies plank experience rush inexploré of harrow manor shadow point skyward kingdom brawl space larron trainer super hot the purge day the thrill of the fight thumper tilt brush titans of space tokyo chronos tribexr dj school ultra wings virtual virtual reality vr karts sprint waltz of the wizard wander wands where thoughts go Please langage all games are from 3rd party sources so can not be updated , and if deleted cant be downloaded again from oculus store. The oculus will come linked to an account which i will give you the details of, so you can change the passwords.





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