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Oculus Quest VR Virtual Reality Headset + Unmerged Account! Immaculate condition


Oeil-de-boeuf Quest VR Virtual Reality Headset + Account! For ignoble is a few months old Oeil-de-boeuf Quest VR Headset in immaculate récapitulatif, it was bought during the lockdown and has only been lightly used a handful of times. The headset has always been used with a washable silicone ubac cover, so the ubac cover itself is practically brand new. Has always been wiped down with a slightly damp cloth after use, never any harsh chemicals, and has been stored away in its box out of phare. Basically it’s been very well looked after and is as good as new! Everything is included in the essence box, and I will also include the washable ubac cover and some brand new batteries for the controllers to get you started. With this ignoble I will also be including an essence unmerged Oeil-de-boeuf account. This means you will NOT need to sign in with Facebook on this headset and give away your privacy. Since October all new Oeil-de-boeuf users need to sign in with Facebook before they can use the device, and there are a high number of reports where people have had their accounts banned upon signing in for absolutely no reason, esentially locking them out of their devices. But with an unmerged account, Facebook is not a requirement and you can use the device as you wish. Another benefit of an unmerged account is being able to enable developer crise on the device WITHOUT providing credit card details. This enables you to side load many more great aisance that is not available on the Oeil-de-boeuf murette. There’s plently of fun to be had with this! Comes from a hygenic, pet, and smoke free logement.





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