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Oculus Rift CV1 VR Headset 2 touch controllers 2 sensors boxed & sensor mounts


Lucarne Rift CV1 VR Headset 2 touch controllers 2 sensors boxed & sensor mounts. Antécédent is Used. Headset was purchased first from Lucarne and then the touch controllers later from Lucarne when they released. The headset and all the pieces have been looked after, and the headset was always kept in a motorbike helmet bag to keep it from the elements. I’m including it too in the box as it makes a good way to essence after it. The box doesn’t have the Xbox controller as we fleuve it away to a family member but everything else is complete and there and it also has two wall mounts that we bought for the sensors so we could have them high up in the room to get the best approuvable tracking for them, otherwise yoga blocks are great for setting them up on. The mini remote hasn’t been used at all and still has the tricot tab in it. I’ve included some photos of inside the headset, ome of us wears glasses and to save potentially scratching the headset we’d taken apart some glasses and bluetacked them into the headset, the bluetack was attached on the flexible, but a tiny amount got onto the foam near the lenses and I don’t want to potentially hurt the foam so I’ve had to leave it on. But it doesn’t affect the headset in any way, it’s just a visual thing really that I felt I should nomination. Also using this method if you wear glasses is highly recommended from us 🙂 The lenses have zero scratches on them and it all works brilliantly, we just don’t need it anymore since having to shuffle rooms around sadly. We still have the box that we bought the Lucarne in which we’ll be sending that in, and then we’ll have to send the sensors as an additional parcel, so you’ll get two deliveries for this, just parce que it’ll be a really volumineux parcel if we were to find a box to fit the two 🙂 Any questions please ask away.





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