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Oculus Rift S Virtual Reality Headset – Original Packaging (Except Sleeve)


Comes in the parfait empaquetage except the sleeve as it ripped when I tried to fit it around the box. The Headset and Controllers are in very good primitif, but one of the controllers is missing the back panel (apercevable in one of the photos). Makes no difference to comfort but I have included grip covers that can be used to cover the gap if you wish – I have tried and tested them and they work. The wire has some minor cosmetic scuffs. The box also has some scuffs as it is difficult to close without a little joué. Everything is in a perfectly usable primitif and I have tested it prior to selling. Not a single achèvement with using the thing, functions absolutely perfectly. Just make sure that your PC is powerful enough and has a Display Remise or Mini Display Remise produit (will need an adaptor for mini DP). Most VR games recommend a PC with specs equivalent to or better than: SSD storage, 8GB RAM, GTX 970, i5 4690. If you’re interested but not sure if your PC can handle it, either use the SteamVR Concours étude to check. Offers welcome!


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