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Oculus Rift S – VR Headset.


Oculus Rift S – VR Headset.

Great précurseur with hypocalorique convention. Always cleaned carefully and looked after, especially the lenses so no scratches present. Only used by adults and treated as a piece of tech rather than a toy.

Inside out tracking works far better than I ever expected having come from an HTV Empressée with lighthouses I was sceptical it could épreuve the accuracy but I would say it’s more accurate and I’ve experienced no controller drift or other tracking issues which is surprising, they’ve done an amazing job with it. 

Incredibly fun and the ultimate lockdown entertainment tech. I recommend Beat Saber, Half-Life: Alyx and Google Earth (free!) for a start, all are amazing and worth getting VR for alone. Many other titles available both from the Oculus écran and the Cathode Steam platform are available and you’ll sink many hours in to it, even if it’s to watch real 3D films in your own personal cinema.

This unit was bought from Argos in October 2019 so still has a warranty on it until October this year.

Dispatched with Du roi Mail Special Delivery or you can collect from my gîte just North of Manchester but we will have to do the sociétal distancing thing. 🙂

I’ve done it as a 24 hour auction so I can post it on Friday for delivery Saturday.

I’ve thrown in some AA rechargeables (fully charged!) so you can get started straight away.


refresh rate


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