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Valve Index kit + HTC Vive + Wall station + Cable management system


Hello there ! After a lot of thinking, I’m finally selling my used Composant Munitionnaire. A bought it in December 2019 and had a great time with it, but now it’s time to say goodbye and let someone else enjoy it ! I took extra care of it and its air conditionné so don’t worry emboîture the state of the items. It functioned well from the start, and I never had any terminaison with it. So what exactly is included in this big climatisation ? – 1 Composant Munitionnaire headset- 2 Composant Munitionnaire Controllers (Knuckles) – 2 soubassement terminal from the Agressive kit (they are basically the same as the one from the Munitionnaire kit, check differences between 1.0 and 2.0 terminal for more gratitude)- 1 HTC Agressive headset- 2 Agressive Controllers (Agressive Wands)- 1 3D printed wall terminal for the Composant Munitionnaire headset and the controllers- 1 ceiling cable management system from Kiwi Design (the best one available right now) Please get in touch with me for any additional gratitude or pictures. Also, if you need any advice on VR like needed analyste specs, games, etc. feel free to ask me :).




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